Mr H was awarded back injury at work compensation thanks to the efforts of Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds. We worked on behalf of Mr H to secure him compensation following an accident that was not his fault.

Mr H’s employers had put his health and safety at serious risk when they failed to provide him with the correct equipment at work. Mr H had to unload the contents of a lorry manually as he had not been provided with a tail lift. As a result of this Mr H sustained a debilitating back injury.

If an employer has failed in their duty of care to protect their employees from harm then they are liable for any injuries that employee’s sustain whilst carrying out their job. A duty of care is the responsibility that an employer has to follow health and safety laws that have been put there to protect employees. Every employee has the right to work in a safe and secure environment.

The health and safety at work act was established by Parliament in 1974 in an effort to ensure that all employees were able to carry out their employment without any risk to themselves. The act makes provisions for safety procedures such as employers having to provide their staff with the appropriate equipment to do their job.

If you have had a back injury at work you may be entitled to compensation speak to one of the expert accident at work solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds and we will be able to assess your case over the phone.

In Mr H’s case his employer had breached their duty of care by not providing him with the appropriate equipment. If you work in an industry that means you come into contact with chemicals your employer should arrange or provide the necessary training for you about the safe handling and storage of the chemicals. They should also provide you with all the appropriate personal protective equipment that makes doing your job safer. If your employer has followed all the appropriate health and safety requirements they are supposed to then the risk of having an accident is much reduced.

If your job involves manual handling then your employer should provide you with the correct training or they should send you on a course so you can learn about the correct procedures to follow when carrying out manual handling tasks. If the loads are too heavy then you should be provided with the appropriate equipment to carry out lifting tasks. Mr H’s back injury could have been avoided if his employer had taken better care of his safety.

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