Mr S made if you have sustained a back injury at your workplace you may be entitled to compensation; speak to a solicitor at Michael Lewin in Leeds and see if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Your employer has a duty to protect you and keep you safe from harm in the workplace. If your employer has neglected their duty and you have been injured as a result you may be entitled to compensation. Michael Lewin Solicitors have a friendly team of dedicated professionals who will be able to tell you if you have a successful case for compensation. We can take on almost any type of claim whether it is an employer liability claim a medical negligence claim of a claim relating to any area of employment law.

Mr S was awarded £2700.00 thanks to the help of the employer liability team at Michael Lewin Solicitors. We worked hard on his behalf after he sustained an injury at work. Mr S slipped on some wet cardboard at work. The cardboard was wet because of a defective ice cream machine; the machine had been leaking onto the cardboard causing it to become slippery and Mr S was injured when he fell on it.

Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you if you have sustained a back injury or any other type of injury at your workplace; out experts in Leeds have claimed millions of pounds in compensation for client in the UK in the last ten years.

Slips trips and falls are the biggest cause of injuries to employees in the UK. The ranges of injuries that are sustained are vast from a bruise to a fatal injury.

The type of injury sustained depends on a number of elements surrounding the accident itself. ?Slip? sounds like a minor accident where an employee will land on the floor and sustain some bruising. But if that employee was to slip and they were working at height without a harness the outcome would be a lot worse.

The same applies to trips if an employee was to trip in a car park at work that was poorly maintained you would expect at worst for them to sustain a fracture. But if that employee was to trip in a pothole in a car park and fall into the path of a moving vehicle then they could sustain a severe head injury a brain injury or even worse the accident could result in a fatality.

If you have suffered an injury including a back injury at your workplace and your employer was at fault you may be due compensation speak to a solicitor from Michael Lewin in Leeds. Call 0844 499 9302.

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