More Patients Die Over the Weekend in Basildon Hospital

More Patients Die Over the Weekend in Basildon Hospital

There are concerns about the number of patients that die over the weekend in Basildon University Hospital.

The hospital received an inspection last week as part of a Keogh Review looking into potential failings at 14 hospital trusts.

The draft report written by the review team which was compiled before the inspectors’ visit has now been published.

The report said that deaths among patients without appointmenst had added to the death rate of the hospital being 11% more than the average NHS hospital.

The BBC reported that the review states “This is due to the number of observed deaths in non-elective admissions being higher than expected with mortality significantly higher than expected in general medicine and geriatric medicine.

“Within non-elective admissions general medicine palliative medicine cardiology and thoracic medicine have the highest number of observed deaths."

The full report will be released in the summer.

There were 3186 deaths in Basildon Hospital in April 2010 and April 2012. In a two

year period up to October 2012 more deaths occurred than were expected with the figure reaching 544.

The hospital said that they had started to look into the issues and were aiming to change by introducing a “trust-wide quality and safety turnaround programme.”

This review which was carried out by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh was released in February after the inquiry into the deaths at the high profile Mid Staffordshire Trust.

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