Michael Lewin’s compassionate highly skilled solicitors are experts in dealing with brain injury at work cases; if you are unfortunate enough to need us to help you to claim for compensation we will work tirelessly to get the maximum amount we can.

Mr K was working in North Devon when he suffered his head injury at work. Some equipment had been defective allowing a heavy item to fall on his head. This could easily have caused him brain damage.

Michael Lewin’s caring staff feel that none of our clients should suffer after an accident of that severity in the workplace. Brain damage injuries can be slight or severe time plays a crucial role. The sooner that injuries are diagnosed the earlier treatment can start the greater the chance of a full recovery. This applies in particular to hemorrhages and swellings that are not always immediately apparent.

If defective equipment has caused an accident in the workplace and resulted in any injuries to employees all possible causes will be investigated. Service records will be checked reports of defects or problems will be examined and the frequency of inspections will be taken into account.

Employers must not only create a safe working environment but they must enforce it and ensure that it is adhered to. They are responsible for any employee who has either not been trained or is failing to follow correct safety procedures.

I have suffered an accident and as a result I have injuries due to the accident; can I get compensation if I go to Michael Lewin? If you can tick any or all of these statements you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation;

? I have been involved in an accident which was not my fault
? I have suffered from injuries as a result of this accident
? My accident took place at work in a public place or may be covered by owners liability
? I have suffered from financial losses as a result of my accident

Call our helpful staff today to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to claim. Michael Lewin’s staff know that compensation will not reverse the terrible side effects of a brain injury which can occur; but we can get the financial compensation to allow you or a loved one the ability to recover as fully as possible without the stress of worrying about finances on top of everything else.

If you have had an accident and as a result have suffered a brain injury of any type; Michael Lewin can help with your work claim call: 0844 499 9302.

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