Mr M came to Michael Lewin after a nasty fall; if you have suffered a brain injury after a fall at work Michael Lewin’s skilled team can get the compensation you need.

Mr M from Nottingham had been taking out some things for work when he slipped on some slime in work. He hurt his head in the accident.

If you have suffered from a major accident caused by a slip in the workplace then you could be entitled to financial compensation for the brain injuries you or a loved one have sustained. Even apparently harmless injuries after a fall where your head has been affected which may not show any immediate damage can become a risk. For this reason you should always see a doctor or go to the hospital in the event of an accident involving any sort of damage to the skull.

Your employer has got to provide you with a safe and secure working environment. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe in the workplace. The Health and Safety Act of 1974 is the primary piece of legislation that covers work related health and safety issues in the UK. It states your employer’s responsibilities for your health and safety at work. A health and safety executive should be appointment within the business to oversee and manage all health and safety matters. Any safety issues should be reported immediately to the health and safety executive.

If you have suffered from an accident in work which has caused a brain injury Michael Lewin have staff who are dedicated to getting the financial compensation to allow you and your family the chance to recover as fully as you medically can.

Slips can be prevented by following some common sense guidelines
? Tables should have lips around them to prevent liquids from dripping from work surfaces this is a common slip hazard
? Walkways should always be kept clear of obstructions
? Spills should be immediately dealt with and where possible this should be attempted as a liquid free clean up
? Floors should be designed to be non slippery if it is expected that they may have liquids dropped on them frequently
? Cleaning staff should be prevented from using cleaning products which can increase the slip factor of the floor surface as an example furniture polish on a smooth tile could prove to be a very bad idea
? Footwear which is chosen for the role is always a good idea if accident are to be avoided
? Carrying loads trolleys increases the slip risk and should be reduced if possible
? Pushing trolleys can also increase the risk of slipping

Michael Lewin have over a decade of experience with compensation claims. Come to our compassionate staff if you or a loved one has been the victim of a brain injury.

For brain accident at work compensation call our expert solicitors in employment law on: 0844 499 9302 to start your compensation claim today.

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