If you have been unlucky enough to have sustained a brain injury at work you may be entitled to compensation; let Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds do the hard work on your behalf and start your claim today.

The health and safety at work act was brought into force in 1974 after it was passed by parliament. The idea of the health and safety act is to give employers guidelines about how to keep their employees safe at work and how to provide them with a safe working environment. The onus for safety in the workplace is placed mainly on employers but employees are responsible for their own health and safety too.

If your employer has neglected to keep you safe in the workplace the they are liable for any injuries you have sustained. We can help you claim compensation no matter what type of injury you have sustained as long as the accident was not your fault. Mr P was able to make a claim for compensation following an accident in the supermarket where he was an employee. Mr P was moving a large cage around the store that was used to transport goods. Whilst mr P was doing so he fell down a hole in the floor. The poor maintenance of the flooring in the supermarket was the cause of Mr P’s injuries and this meant that his employers were liable.

Mr P was lucky not to have sustained a brain injury from the cage landing on his head but nonetheless he still had an accident at work and was entitled to claim compensation; Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds were happy to act on Mr P’s behalf and resolve his claim as quickly as we could.

Making a claim for compensation is never settled over night. If you claim for an accident at work there are a number of stages that we your employer the insurance company and an independent doctor have to go through in order to make an agreement on a settlement figure. The whole process of making a claim rarely takes less than four months but we do always aim to get the matter resolves as fast as we can as we do understand how hard it is after an accident.

The amount of compensation you are awarded depends on a number of things and there is no set amount for each person. If you have had a brain injury or any other type of injury in an accident at work and you want to make a claim for compensation call Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on 0844 499 9302.

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