30 year old Mr J from Kidderminster called Michael Lewin Solicitors when a steel box section fell on him at work; Michael Lewin are experts on brain injury back and neck injury which are the result of accidents which are not their clients fault and they provide legal advice regarding compensation claims from solicitors in the UK.

Mr J was at work when his accident occurred. The suffering he endured following the disastrous incident which left him in pain was arduous. All employers? duty of care to their employees means they have to provide competent staff a safe working environment the correct equipment and a safe system of work.

Section 16 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 permits Approved Codes of Practice which explains different practises acceptable for different working environments. The Approved Codes of Practice can be used as an indication for the courts as to whether the actions of the employer were safe.

A duty of care is a much used legal term which comes into play when a company or organisation does something which could be reasonably expected to cause another person harm either intentionally or through neglect. This harm could be either a physical injury the most common type we see here or it could be a mental injury or the financial consequences of an accident could be harmful to the individual and his or her family. In a workplace an employer must provide a minimum of reasonable care towards all its employees. If this duty of care is neglected and an accident subsequently occurs employees are further covered by being able to take their employer to court to get financial compensation for any harm caused by the employer’s negligence or non-adherence to their duty of care.

An employer can only escape liability if they can prove that they have exercised reasonable care. Mr J sought legal advice from Michael Lewin as they have experience with cases relating to brain injury neck injury or any injury which is the direct result of a non-fault accident; he made a claim for compensation and a settlement was negotiated by his solicitors in the UK.

Employers of any size of organisation or company has got to by law arrange for a plan which identifies and tries to ameliorate all identified risks. A health and safety policy must be in place in every workplace taking into account the aforementioned risks. This policy should mention all the provisions which that company makes to protect their employees? health and safety.

This policy should be available for all employees to view and comment on at all times. The provisions which are mentioned in the health and safety policy document should all be able to be seen by employees. When an employee sustains an injury at work through no fault of their own they can make a claim against their employer. Mr J received 100% of the compensation as Michael Lewin work on a no win no fee basis.

If you have suffered a brain injury or any head back or neck injury and need compensation claims advice call Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK on: 0844 499 9302.

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