British Airways Flight Delays

british airways plane

Airlines need to ‘man-up’ and admit that often they just aren’t up to the task of transporting passengers in a reliable manner, constantly.

The recent issues with British Airways and their ‘Operational Glitch’ is a great example as most flight delays across the globe are now thought to be computer glitches rather than the weather than most airlines would have us all believe.

Late arrivals due to a lack of crews, mechanical issues and other airline related issues are the major cause of delays; in the US it’s believed that six out of every 1009 flights were delayed or cancelled due to factors attributed to airlines.  The good news for European passengers are eligible for compensation for flights that have a significant delay.

BA provided little detail on the operational glitch.

“We had a problem with our check-in systems earlier which affected check-in for flights,” the airline said in a statement. “We are checking in customers this morning as normal, although it may take longer than usual.  We would encourage customers to check in online before they reach the airport.”


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