Bullying at work leads tocompensation for Mr Rowlands; Michael Lewin were overjoyed to be of help with his constructive dismissal claim.

Mr Rowlandshad been an orthodontic technician since he left school. The dental practice expanded and a new orthodontic dentist started work. She would constantly criticise his work and would openly say that the best technicians were female. He had been with his current employer for 4 years and in that time he had always had excellent feedback on his work from his superiors.

He began to suffer with eczema which became particularly noticeable on his hands. The new orthodontist would laugh and tell him that she would not want his scabby hands near her mouth. Mr Rowlands became worn down with her constant jibes and criticism. Under doctors? orders he took some time off due to stress.

He had time to think at home and decided that no job was worth feeling so tired and unwell. He felt he had few options other than to resign. I have been the victim of bullying at work and I would like some advice about making a constructive dismissal claim.

Mr Rowlands has been astonished that the claims process is so easy. Michael Lewin never charge up-front fees we claim our costs from the other side. You get the full 100% compensation that we win on your behalf.

If you have beenthe victim of bullying at work and you would like advice about making aconstructive dismissal claim; call the professional staff here at Michael Lewin on:0844 499 9302.

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