Mrs Leaf getscompensationafter her bullying at work claim is settled out of court after she took advice from employment experts Michael Lewin.

Mrs Leaf had been employed as a massage therapist in treatment rooms at a large health farm for over 4 years.

Our client had been delighted to find that she was pregnant. The reaction that she received in work from her employer was not so encouraging! The treatment room’s manager and the owner both started to scrutinise every appointment and they checked up on her repeatedly. Her doctor diagnosed that she was suffering from stress caused by the constant bullying she was suffering in work. Mrs Leaf resigned reluctantly as she did not want to be dismissed.

I would like to make abullying at work claim; can I get advice from professional employment solicitors at Michael Lewin?
Michael Lewin never charges up-front-fees to make employment law claims. We take our fees from the other side you get 100% of the compensation that you are awarded.

If like Mrs Leaf you have been unfairly treated in work and would like to make abullying at work compensation claim call our professional team for advice at Michael Lewin on:0844 499 9302.

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