Miss Lefridgereceives compensation after her bullying at work claim is upheld; Michael Lewin gave her advice and helped her to get compensation.

Miss Lefridge worked as a field sales executive for a candle manufacturing company. Her manager began to give her unrealistic targets to hit after their relationship ended.

Our client became very suspicious and easily upset. She was being harassed by her manager and the rest of the team appeared to be on his side. She came to us to help her draft a letter of resignation.

She was able to leave work securein the knowledge that her compensation was being taken care of by Michael Lewin.
Will I need to pay to make a bullying at workclaim or for advice about compensation?
Michael Lewin work on a no win no fee basis. Our fees are charged to the other side you win 100% of the compensation you are awarded. Miss Lefridge has settled her case out of court and she has been astonished that the process has been so expedient.

If you would like to make abullying at workclaim or for advice about any part of the compensation process from Michael Lewin call:0844 499 9302today.

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