Bullying at work advice in the UK from employment law specialists Michael Lewin wins Mrs Quinn compensation after her case is taken on a no win no fee basis.

Mrs Quinn had worked as a section supervisor for a large DIY chain. She had worked in the same company for 12 years relocating once and in the role of section supervisor for the last 3 years.

When the store manager was off ill they had a temporary manager in. The temporary manager was unpleasant to work with but she hoped the store manager would come back to work. He resigned due to ill health and the temporary manager was appointed full time.

Mrs Quinn was distressed in work many times due to the way he would talk to her. The bullying became so bad that our client developed eczema on her hands and legs. She had not suffered with eczema since sitting her GCSE exams many years prior.

Her doctor told her that the stress in work was the cause of her eczema. She wrote to the HR department at work detailing the bullying tactics that the new manager was using in store but despite follow up letters and a phone call she has received no response. Mrs Quinn felt she had no other option than to resign.

I have been subject to bullying at work; can I get advice in the UK?
We took the case on a no win no fee basis. Mrs Quinn has been delighted with the result. If you have suffered with bullying at work and would like advice on making a claim Michael Lewin can help you call 0844 499 9302 today in the UK.

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