Mr Sefton wins compensation after bullying at work advice from Michael Lewin in London.

Mr Seftonworked as a porter in a private hospital for 7 years. He had always worked fairly autonomously with very little line management. The job required little supervision or direction.

All the porters at work had their shift patterns and all were prepared to do overtime or extra shift to cover sickness or holidays. The new hospital manager gave all the porters new terms and conditions to sign. These basically took away their right to paid lunch breaks and lengthened each shift worked. Our client refused to sign his new terms and conditions. From then onwards our client and another porter who refused to sign the new conditions were singled out for slight non-adherence to company policy.

He was supervised almost daily and his performance was criticised. He was formally disciplined twice verbally and once with a written procedure. The next time Mr Sefton was called into the office for a disciplinary warning he walked out.

I have had a similar case of bullying at work; can I get advice about making a claim in London?
Mr Sefton was distraught because he had been bullied at work but he found Michael Lewin through a friend’s recommendation. He has been given the compensation he deserved. We also worked with his employer to agree a suitable reference on behalf of our client.

If you feel that you have suffered due to bullying at work and would like advice about making a claim in London call Michael Lewin today on: 0844 499 9302.

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