Mr Williams is delighted after he wins his bullying at work claim;he is glad he chose Michael Lewin to work as lawyers on his behalf as ?they were professional and practical when dealing with my case in London.?

Mr Williams had suffered increasingly demeaning treatment when his line manager was replaced with a new line manager. This had the form of insultingremarks and behavior and then direct and secondary actions which obstructed our client’s path to advancement.

He complained to the office manager who took no action despite repeated conversations over the issue. Our client became very withdrawn and apprehensive; he had to go to his GP because of feeling so ill constantly. His doctor diagnosed that he was suffering from stress.

Eventually Mr Williams decided he had no option other than to resign. I am the victim of bullying at work and I would like to use specialist lawyers to make a claimin London. We managed to bring a constructive dismissal claim on his behalf. The matter was eventually resolved by means of a substantial out of court settlement.

If like Mr Williams you have been the victim of bullying at work we can help; call our professional team of employment lawyers in London now on: 0844 499 9302.

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