Mr Beers wins compensation after bullying at work case settlement in London.

Mr Beersworked in a supermarket for a large well known company for over 4 years. He began to suffer from bullying at work when a new manager was relocated to the branch in which our client worked. The new manager had a reputation for being very judgemental and temperamental. The company had relocated him twice downsizing his branch each move.

At first Mr Beers had no problems with his new boss however one of the newer colleagues left due to his boss? unreasonable behaviour. Shortly afterwards the new manager started to actively select our client out for small breaches of practice; gloves should be worn whilst frozen goods are put away but this was rarely adhered to in the store as a whole. None of the rest of the staff were told off for this apart from Mr Beers. From that point the number of personal attacks increased almost to a daily occurrence. These attacks soon became personal and Mr Beers began to suffer heart palpitations before attending work.

He went to his GP who signed him off work due to stress. He wrote a letter to the HR department of his employer explaining his absence and airing his complaints.

To his astonishment he heard nothing more from the HR department and he was told by the shop manager that he was being made redundant by a phone call to him late at night at his house.

I have had a similar case of bullying at work; can I make a claim in London? We were able to broker a deal which prevented any court action. We got Mr Beers 3 times the initial proposed settlement figure. We were able to have input for his reference.

If you feel that you can claim because of bullying at workin London call Michael Lewin today on 0844 499 9302.

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