Miss Walcott contacted Michael Lewin and got full compensation for her bullying at work no win no fee claim.

Miss Walcott was employed as a swimming instructor working at a pool 10 miles from her home on a full time basis. She was an avid swimmer and balanced being a single mum with her ideal job of being a swimming instructor for young children.

Unfortunately she did not seem to make strong bonds with her work colleagues as she was known to be from a different secondary school that was a private school than most of the other young staff members who were all from the local secondary school. Miss Walcott was subject to comments from the other members of staff on a daily basis about the differences in the upbringings and accents.

She didn?t receive support from her managers and directors and decided to contact Michael Lewin to take her case further.

Have you been the subject of bullying at work and are interested in a no win no fee claim?
Miss Walcott received compensation from her previous employers and is now seeking alternative work. If you have any questions about bullying at work and a no win no fee claim call the Michael Lewin’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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