Mrs Giles contacted Michael Lewin for her case in bullying at work no win no fee claim in the UK.

Mrs Giles was a fireperson based at a newly built fire depot on the outskirts of the city centre after she had been awarded the necessary qualifications to begin service in the fire department 2 years ago and having worked at a different depot. She had a genuine thirst for her career and was keen to meet her work colleagues.

Unfortunately the men at the new fire depot were not as welcoming to have the first female member of staff join the team and she found very difficult to integrate into the work force. She was never allowed to drive the vehicles enter buildings first or given any kind of responsibility. She was often excluded due to the fact that she had to have different sleeping quarters not to mention the inappropriate comments that would come from the male members of staff sometimes leaving her in tears as she left the building.

In the end she asked to be re-posted but was so traumatised by the treatment that is yet to find a regular post left feeling that all her hard work in training over the last 2 years has been ruined due to the mentality of the men and the bullying because she was female.

Have you suffered bullying at work and would like a no win no fee claim in the UK?
Contact the Michael Lewin’s Team now if you have any questions about a case for bullying at work no win no fee in the UK on: 0844 499 9302.

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