Miss Penrith pursued her bullying at workcase after involving Michael Lewins expert solicitors to assist her with her claim.

Our client was a senior nurse in large private hospital.She had worked as a nurse for over 16 years and had spent 7 years with her current employer.

She had problems at work when she needed to take time off when she was diagnosed with having a prolapsed disc in her back. The company was very unsympathetic and she had to delay her return to work because she had not recovered from the operation as speedily as she had expected. When our client returned to work she was the victim of bulling and derogatory behavior from her managers.

We wrote to the employer advising them of our client’s legal position and our intention to issue proceedings in the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal.

I am the victim of bullying at work; can Iuse solicitors to make a claim?
Miss Penrith gave Michael Lewin a call after she researched making a claim on the internet. We managed to secure a significant settlement for our client without the need to pursue the claim. Initially she had been scared about paying for a solicitor to make the claim. Michael Lewin never charge up-front-fees we get our fees from the other side.

If you are entitled to get bullying at workcompensation call;0844 499 9302 to get solicitors involved to make your claim.

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