Bullying at work compensation claim is settled for Mr Haswall; Michael Lewin were delighted to be of help.

Mr Haswall had worked as a bore hole machine operator for 27 months. He had been part of a team which had caused a great deal of damage to vehicles and equipment on the site.

Management of the company had asked all the employees who had been responsible for the neglect of the vehicles and equipment. All the staff knew that it was the machine supervisor who had insisted that all the machines were kept running past their allocated time slots every day and had not allowed the rest of the staff time to clean and maintain the equipment.

All the team were split and Mr Haswall found that he was repetitively bullied and demeaned on joining his new team. He resigned after suffering the bullying for more than 6 months. I have been subject to bullying at work and I would like to make a compensation claim.

Mr Haswall has been astonished that the claims process is so easy. Michael Lewin never charge up-front fees we claim our costs from the other side. You get the full 100% compensation that we win on your behalf.

If you have beensubject to bulling at work and you would like to make a compensation claim; call the professional staff here at Michael Lewin to start your claim today on:0844 499 9302.

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