MrCheson won his case after Michael Lewin bullying at workspecialists got compensation on his behalf.

Mr Chesonworked in the construction industry as a laborer. He was becoming increasingly concerned about health and safety issues after a large bucket full of bricks missed his head by inches. He went in to talk to the gaffer who laughed at him and told him if he wanted protection he was in the wrong trade.

He found himself excluded from work breaks and soon none of the staff would talk to him. After a few months of this awful bullying behavior Mr Cheson reluctantly resigned due to the bullying he suffered.

I have been subject to bullying at work which I think is unfair; am I entitled to compensation?
Mr Cheson has been delighted with the compensation Michael Lewin won on his behalf and he feels that his boss will not be able to bully another employee as easily now.

Michael Lewin took his case on a no win no fee basis relieving Mr Cheson of another stress! If Michael Lewin can help you after you have been the victim of bullying at work call 0844 499 9302 today to start your claim for compensation.

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