Bullying at work leads tocompensation for Mr Cordrey; MichaelLewin were overjoyed to give him advice about his claim.

Mr Cordreyhad been the victim of bullying in his work. He gave Michael Lewin a call after he was dismissed; a friend recommended us to him.

Our client worked as a janitor for a private school. He worked flexible hours and he was always on call if the alarm went off during the night. The school appointed a new head and he wanted our client to work set hours. Mr Cordrey explained the reasons for the impractical nature of his requests.

Our client would be called on out of hours for the most ridiculous of requests; he wrote to the governors to let them know the type of man that the head was.

Mr Cordrey was sacked after not answering a text to repair an ?urgent? fault; a light-bulb in the toilet had blown! I have been the victim of bullying at work and I would like some advice about making a constructive dismissal claim. Mr Cordrey has been astonished that the claims process is so easy. Michael Lewin never charge up-front fees we claim our costs from the other side. You get the full 100% compensation that we win on your behalf.

If you have beenthe victim of bullying at work and you would like to make acompensation claim; call the professional staff here at Michael Lewin for helpful advice on:0844 499 9302.

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