Bullying at workgets Mrs Edmondscompensation; employment law specialists Michael Lewin take her on her case on a no win no fee basisin the UK.

Mrs Edmonds had been employed at a bookmakers for over 7 years. She had been promoted to shop manageress having beaten 2 other internal applicants for the position. The promotion was really good news for her.

Her area manager had wanted one of the other internal candidates to get the job. Over a period of several months she was bullied every time the area manager saw her and eventually the area manager shouted at her in the middle of the shop in front of all the other staff. That was the last straw; Mrs Edmonds left the premises.

She called the general manager who told her that as she had left work she was guilty of misconduct and she was dismissed. I have been subject to bullying at work; I would like Michael Lewin’s solicitors in the UK to see if I am able to claim compensation. Mrs Edmonds received a large compensation award and her boss agreed to give her a favourable reference.

If Michael Lewin can help youif you have suffered from bullying at work to get compensation for your treatment in the UK call 0844 499 9302 today.

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