Bullying at workadvice leads to Mr Bevensbeing the victim of constructive dismissal; Michael Lewin were delighted to be of help with his claim.

Mr Bevens had been a plant supervisor for 14 years. A new partner started at the firm that he worked for and our client found he was constantly the butt of all his jokes.

Mr Bevens was much older than most of his colleagues and up until the new partner starting work in the office there had never been a problem with telling his work mates what to do.

The new partner would happily interrupt Mr Bevens in mid-sentence and he would shake his head as our client was talking. Mr Bevenswas eventually the victim of a constructive dismissal as the treatment by his boss continued to become much worse. I have suffered frombullying at work and I would like some advice about my constructive dismissal claim. Our client has been amazed that the claims process is so easy.

Michael Lewin never charges up-front fees; they take their fees from the other side. If you have suffered from bullying at work and would like advice about your constructive dismissal claim; call the professional staff here at Michael Lewin on:0844 499 9302.

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