Mrs Lock winsjusticefor his bullying in the workplace case; employment solicitors Michael Lewin give him advice in the UK.

Mrs Lock had worked as a loan advisor in a bank for many years. She had been in discomfort for a few months and she was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in her back. She needed surgery. She asked in work to take time off. She was bullied by her line manager from the time she asked for the time off for the surgery.

Her work was deemed unsatisfactory and she was the subject of disciplinary procedures. She took time off due to stress before her surgery on her doctors? advice. Before she went back to work she was phoned by her manager and told that she had to come in that day to be given her final disciplinary warning.

She refused to go in for the meeting on health grounds so she was fired in her absence. I have been subjected to bullying in the workplace; can I ask an employment solicitorfor advice on my case in the UK? We took the case on a no win no fee basis.

We were able to win a substantial compensation package on Mrs Lock’s behalf. If Michael Lewin can help you due to bullying in the workplace for advice or to make a claim call:0844 499 9302 today in the UK.

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