Mr Connor used Michael Lewin after he suffered bullying in the workplace.We were very pleased to be of help with making his claim.

Mr Connorwas an agricultural insurance agent. He reviewed claims to try to catch fraudulent claims. Over a 3 month period his case load had gone from 30 cases per month to around 60 cases. He had a long holiday booked and he was worried about going away due to the amount of work that would be waiting for him when he got back.

He raised his concerns with the insurance general manager who was very dismissive and told him that he should easily be able to deal with 60 cases. His general manager began to inspect his work and took some claims being genuine as almost a personal insult. Much of the increase in his case load was due to red diesel theft and the theft of farm machinery which had increased significantly in Connor but the security measures on farm machinery were scarce on behalf of manufacturers.

He was having to spend such a short period investigating the claims that he was constantly feeling stressed and the bullying tactics and constant checking of his work by the general manager became too much for our client.

Mr Connor began to suffer chest pains and heart palpitations. His doctor recommended that he take time off work as he diagnosed the symptoms as extreme stress. Mr Connor eventually had to go back to work. The bullying from the general manager had increased as had his workload. He came to Michael Lewin for help.

I have been a victim of bullying in the workplace and I would like to take employment advice about making a claim. Mr Connorinvolved us as his professional life was in ruins. We were able to act with both parties and come to a settlement. His work have apologised to him for the manner in which they treated him and they have issued him with a wonderful reference.

If you have suffered from bullying in the workplace and you would like some employment advice; call Michael Lewin to start your claim today on: 0844 499 9302.

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