Mrs Romany was the victim of bullying in the workplace; she asked for employment advice from employment lawyers Michael Lewin in the UK.

Mrs Romanywas a telesales manager in a large call centre. She was in charge of 16 staff and her team were responsible for 3 projects within the call centre. The call centre as a whole began to hit hard times over the period of about 6 months the 4 largest accounts transferred to other agencies or ceased the telesales side of their promotions.

Two of her accounts were not getting their usual high levels of bookings. She fed this information up to the call centre manager before the monthly report as she was worried about both accounts. The call centre manager called her as soon as she received her email and issued a tirade of abuse at our client. Much of what was shouted was highly personal and had nothing to do with the running of a team.

She received lots of calls and emails using bullying tactics and she began to suffer panic attacks whenever she saw the call centre manager. Mrs Romany walked out after she was shouted at in front of the rest of her staff.

I have been the victim ofbullying in the workplace; can I get employment advice in the UK?
Mrs Romanysaid that ?Michael Lewin took away all the stress of making a claim from the moment I involved them I was able to see that I was not to blame. Michael Lewin have fought hard to win my case and let me move on with my life.?

If Michael Lewin can help you after you have been the victim of bullying in the workplace in the UK call:0844 499 9302 today.

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