Mr Trundell used Michael Lewin after he suffered bullying in the workplace;our team of employment lawyers were very pleased to be of help with making a claim.

Mr Trundellwas an accounts technician. He was studying for the final part of his level 4 AAT course; he had failed the course last year so he had booked some holiday to be able to concentrate on his course. His holiday had been agreed with the partners in the company but he was asked if he could change the dates 2 working days before the start of his leave.

Mr Trundell had been bullied at work when he failed the exam the previous year so he refused to change his holiday dates. He offered to take work with him to do at home.

When our client came back to work after his exams he was subjected to terrible bullying some of the most awful personal attacks we have heard. Mr Trundell began to suffer chest pains and heart palpitations. His doctor recommended that he take time off work as he diagnosed the symptoms as extreme stress. Our client resigned the day before he was meant to go back to work as he was feeling so ill because of the stress he was suffering.

I have been a victim of bullying in the workplace and I would like to take employment advice from specialist employment lawyers about making a claim.

Mr Trundellinvolved us as he felt his professional life was in ruins. We were able to act with both parties and come to a settlement. He is delighted to report that he passed his level 4 with flying colours and he has secured a higher paid position.

If you have suffered from bullying in the workplace and you would like some employment advice; call Michael Lewin employment lawyers to start your claim today on:0844 499 9302.

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