Mr Airey suffered from bullying in the workplace; he took employment advice from Michael Lewin specialist employment lawyers in London.

Mr Airey hadbeen anaccountant for one of the largest insurance companies in Britain. He had worked hard to reach his position and he had recently seen his team be decimated by the increase in compensation awarded for car accidents.

Mr Airey had to work at weekends and evenings to try to keep on top of his workload. He worked in such a specialised area which was very well paid that he continued to work until the point he fell ill. He had a breakdown and was unable to work for about 4 weeks. On his return to work he found the stress too much and he had to resign due to the overload of work.

Our client feels that the behaviour shown to him was akin to bullying by overloading him to such a point that he couldn?t cope.

I have had a similar case of bullying in the workplace; can I get employmentadvice from a specialist employment firm of lawyersin London?
We were able to broker a deal where our client was able to agree the reference that his employer would give him. We also were able to agree a financial settlement between the two parties without the need to attend an employment tribunal.

If you have been a victim of bullying in the workplace call Michael Lewin today on:0844 499 9302; their professional team of lawyersin London will take you through the claims process step by step.

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