Mr Wright suffered from bullying in the workplace; he took employment advice from Michael Lewin in London.

Mr Wright hadbeen a mechanic for a garage for over 4 years. He enjoyed working as a mechanic. The manager became ill and a new manager took over. He employed some very shady practices. The mechanics were told to charge for parts which did not need replacing and to over emphasise any wear and tear as potentially unsafe for the car owner.

Some of the staff were pleased as they were given a commission for any parts which were replaced. Our client felt that this was not something he wanted to do so he continued his job as before.

He was constantly in the office being shouted at for not selling enough new parts. He was given targets which were unattainable if he was doing his job correctly and which he could only achieve if he lied to his customers.

Our client tried hard to reach his targets but he was sacked after being bullied about his targets being missed for over 5 months.

I have had a similar case of bullying in the workplace; can I get employmentadvicein London?
We were able to broker a deal where our client was able to agree the reference that his employer would give him. We also were able to agree a financial settlement between the two parties without the need to attend an employment tribunal.

If you have been a victim of bullying in the workplace in London call Michael Lewin today on:0844 499 9302.

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