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Business And Commercial Law – Solicitors; Is your business seeking legal advice and help in regards to any aspect of commercial or employment law that may be affecting your business in Bradford? Do you need one off help and advice with an issue that you are faced with or do you require on-going help and advice to ensure that you stay in line with UK law? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are an expert commercial and employment law firm who will be able to assist your business no matter what issue you are faced with; we can provide you with on-going support and guidance on an annual basis or assist one off in a particularly difficult situation that you are faced with.

Commercial organisations across the UK often struggle with laws and legislations and this is usually because the government is constantly evolving and changing these to help both the employer and the employee. Whilst these changes are meant to improve the laws within the UK businesses can sometimes become overwhelmed and somewhat confused. A failure to keep up-to-date with new laws and legislations can result in your business facing extremely expensive legal action from a disgruntled employee at the Employment Tribunal. Our team’s aim is to help your commercial organisation avoid litigation or help you defend a claim that is being made against you at this independent body.

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Our team have built up a strong reputation in Yorkshire for helping businesses in a variety of different commercial and employment law situations. We will be able to put you in touch with an expert solicitor who will be able to discuss the issue that you are faced with and then advise you on the best possible path to take to achieve a cost effective and desired outcome. Because we have grown dramatically over the last 10 years we now have many solicitors working for us and we will only select the most appropriate available expert who will be able to help with your business’s needs. By doing this you can be assured that the advice this expert provides you with is tailored to your businesses needs and is always up-to-date with UK laws and legislations.

Is your business seeking help and advice in regards to any aspect of commercial law that may be affecting your business in Bradford?

New laws are introduced on a regular basis when it comes to employment law and we ensure that our team are always up-to-date with these changes. An article which was published in the HR Magazine on 28 July 2013 discusses changes that are being made within the years 2013 and 2014. A particular section of the article discusses compromise agreements with in the UK and it reads ?compromise agreements are being re-named ‘settlement agreements?. Employers will be able to negotiate a settlement prior to termination of employment irrespective of whether there is an existing dispute and such negotiations will not be admissible as evidence in unfair dismissal claims in certain circumstances.? This change is due to come into place in summer 2013; however these changes may be delayed until October.

If your business is seeking on-going help and advice from a commercial and employment law firm who can help your business in Bradford or if you need one off help and advice you can contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on:0113 200 9720.


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