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Business And Commercial Law – ML Expert Solicitors Team; Are you in search of business and commercial law experts in Leeds to assist your organisation in employment dispute resolution in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements or who can provide outstanding legal representation in your defence if a claim has been brought against you to an employment tribunal by a disgruntled employee or former employee? Then don?t hesitate to consult with the highly qualified and experienced professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could offer you a diverse range of business and commercial legal services including alternative forms of dispute resolution to protect the best interests of your company as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The BBC News published an article in Money Talk by Martin Edwards discussing if the new unfair dismissal plans will work.The article says that "Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced the government’s latest proposals to reduce ‘red tape’ in employment law. The hope is that if firms are given more flexibility and freedom in managing their workforce this will lead to economic growth."

It further explains "A key proposal is to cut the maximum compensation for unfair dismissal. At present someone who is unfairly dismissed can in theory be awarded as much a œ72300. The Compensation has increased by more than 500% since 1999 – more than 10 times the rate of inflation. The cap on unfair dismissal pay-outs has always been set at an arbitrary figure. In contrast compensation discrimination is uncapped. In practice the average award band fair dismissal is far below the. It is less than œ5000."

The article adds that "The government believes the maximum figure misleads both employers and employees into thinking that unfair dismissal claims offer a bonanza of people who make complaints".

Are you an employer who requires advice and assistance from legal professionals who specialise in business and commercial law in Leeds? Then you should make a no obligation call to the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors discover how our extremely dedicated team could use their comprehensive understanding of this particular area of law and vast experience in successfully assisting representing small and large enterprises alike to work on your behalf to protect the best interests of your organisation.

The above-mentioned article also reports that "The government also want to make it easier for employers to negotiate ‘settlement agreements’ or exit deals with employees whose jobs they wish to bring to an end".

On this matter it goes on to say "Measures are proposed to enable deals to be done more quickly and effectively ? but only in unfair dismissal cases not in those where there is a claim for discrimination. The central point is that employers will be allowed to offer an exit deal to an employee such as someone they think is underperforming without previously having followed any form of procedure."

The specialist business and commercial law professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds could offer you guidance and assistance that your company requires in various employment dispute matters in negotiating and forming settlement agreements and drafting the policies and procedures as well as representation at employment tribunal hearings; so don?t hesitate to call our helpful advisers on: 0113 200 9720.


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