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Business And Commercial Law – ML Solicitors; Are you an employer in search of experienced legal personnel who specialise in employment business and commercial law to advise and assist your organisation in York? Then you should make a no obligation call to discover how the specialist services of the intelligent resourceful and highly driven legal team at Michael Lewin Solicitors could benefit your company.

HR Grapevine published an article on Wednesday the 31 July 2013 reporting that "BMW could face action over pension plans".

The article informs us that "BMW Group could be met with industrial action due to the company’s proposed plans to close its final salary pension scheme to new entrants. The automotive company began its consultation for the scheme closure on 23 July and has written to its 5000 workers across its four UK plants in Oxford Swindon Warwickshire and West Sussex."

It explains "If the scheme is closed new employees will be able to join a group personal pension (GPP) plan that is already offered in other parts of the business. BMW has assured that the proposal will not affect the pensions of employees who are existing members of the defined contribution schemes."

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The above-mentioned article includes quotes from a spokesperson from BMW who is reported to have said: "The proposed closure of this UK pension scheme to new entrants who in future would join a defined contribution pension scheme is in line with the BMW Group’s strategy to offer similar pension schemes to its employees worldwide. Rising and volatile pension costs are having an adverse impact on the competitiveness of the BMW Group businesses in the UK which is a significant sales and production location for the organisation."

However Roger Maddison national officer at trade union Unite is reported to have said: "The organisations and Unite have been in discussions for several months. However BMW has failed to convince the union that this change will not lead to a closure of the pension scheme to existing employees in the future."

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