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Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article on 28 August 2012 reporting on the latest decisions from recent employment tribunal cases including that of Stevenson v Atos Origin IT Services UK Ltd [2012] All ER (D) 12 (Aug).

The article summarises that "The tribunal was to decide whether it had jurisdiction to determine the employee’s race discrimination complaint".

It explains "The employee was a British national and worked as Chief Operating Officer for the employer. He reported to W. In September 2008 the employee was appointed to undertake a European role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EMA (European Mediterranean and Africa section). In the meantime W carried out the employee’s annual performance review. The employee was considered not to be keeping up with the demands of his position and it was likely he would be moved to another role. In February 2009 the employer informed the employee that at the conclusion of his assignment it was expected he would resume his duties within the "home company" and that the employer would endeavour to find him a suitable role. In March 2009 the employee had a meeting at which he was told that the employer wished to end his employment. He was told that there were no alternative roles available."

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The above-mentioned article tells is that "Announcement was made that a German national had been appointed as CEO for the EMA region. The employee brought a claim in the employment tribunal complaining of unfair dismissal and race discrimination. The tribunal found that it had no jurisdiction to hear the employee’s complaint. The employee appealed."

We are informed that the issue "that fell to be determined. Of the tribunal had jurisdiction to determine the complaint made by the employee". It says "It had to determine whether the actions of the employer by removing him from the post of CEO while appointing a German national constituted direct discrimination against him on the grounds of his nationality contrary to the Race Relations Act 1976. The appeal would be dismissed."

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