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Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article on 19 December 2012 discussing several employment tribunal cases that had recently been heard including that of Iqbal v Metropolitan Police Service and another [2012] All ER (D) 302 (Nov).The article summarises that "An employee brought a discrimination claim. The issue arose as to whether the tribunal should have granted an adjournment."

It further explains "During the works employment to suffer from lower back pain and was unable to perform his normal duties. The article informs us that brought claims of the employment tribunal against the employer for discrimination and elected to represent himself at the hearing was due to start at 30 August 2011. We are also told that the tribunal had elected to spend first day pre-reading documents and that the employer had indicated that it intended to make an application for substantial costs should the employee lose.

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The above-mentioned article goes on to say that "On 31 August the employee applied for an adjournment on the grounds of ill-health. He did not have any medical evidence would you prefer to an occupational health hearing bundle. The tribunal dismissed the application on the basis that it was not in the interests of justice to adjourn the hearing."

The article also reports that the employee appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the appeal was allowed after the employee submitted "that the tribunal should have granted a short adjournment him to seek medical evidence from his GP".

The article states that "It was a striking feature of the tribunal’s judgement that it had not referred to the evidence of the occupational health report confirming that the employee had been suffering from depression and had ongoing psychological problems. It was also impossible to say how the tribunal had evaluated what the employee had said in applying for the adjournment. Also the tribunal had made no reference to the possibility of a short adjournment retaining medical opinion of some kind. On the facts if the tribunal had fully taken into account the employee’s medical circumstances it had been bound to conclude that short adjournment had been required in the interests of fairness."The article concludes by saying "The matter would be permitted into consideration by a freshly constituted tribunal".

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