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Business Solicitor – MLS; Are you in search of a specialist employment law and business solicitor to advise and assist your organisation in Hull? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover the diverse range of services that our experts could offer to your company to ensure that you are always aware of any risks or repercussions of a certain course of action are able to make fully informed decisions and the best interests of your organisation are protected.

An article published by HR Magazine on 8 July 2013 written by Arvind Hickman reported that "British employers are not planning to adapt their HR policies to accommodate a growing workforce despite an imminent skills shortage a report by Talentsmoothie in association with HR magazine has found".

The article also talks about the cross generational conflict that may arise within some workplaces. An extract says that "The arrival of generation z (born from 1996 onwards) will mean that for the first time organisations will have to manage five generations of workers. This will create cross-generational conflict such as younger workers feeling deprived to career opportunities failed colleagues."

It goes on to say that "The report recommends companies view baby boomer employees as career enablers rather than career blockers".

Are you concerned about conflicts between different generations at your business and require advice and guidance from specialist employment law solicitor at your organisation in Hull? Then don?t hesitate to contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our dedicated team could offer advice and guidance with regards to company policies and procedures along with swift and effective employment dispute management to minimise the potential disputes arising within your company and help you efficiently deal with those that do.

With regards to the above-mentioned article Talentsmoothie said that "Most organisations today are made up of different generations. However few really understand how to harness the talents of their entire workforce across the full age spectrum. We are leading researchers and commentators on generational diversity generations at work (Gen Y Gen Z and baby boomers) and the new world of work."

The highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could assist your organisation with advice and assistance regarding the management of employment disputes that may arise within your workplace as well is help you put sufficient policies and procedures in place to minimise the potential of such events occurring.

If you require the expert services of a specialist business commercial and employment law solicitor at your organisation in Hull you should consult with the highly skilled legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors over a no obligation call to discover how our dedicated team could work you to ensure that you was achieve the best possible outcome available to you from contracts and agreements resolution and management of employment disputes and from employment and commercial litigation proceedings; so contact our helpful advisers today on: 0113 200 9720.


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