Cannibalism Fetish Sees Male Nurse Arrested

Cannibalism Fetish Sees Male Nurse Arrested

The internet is a place of freedom. It enables connections with people you may not have the opportunity to meet on a day to day basis. However this can not always be a triumphant state of modernity as websites like the DFN (Dark Fetish Network) are made easily accessible.

Dale Bolinger a male nurse aged 57 used this site to groom a 14 year-old girl and plan to kill her with an axe before eating her body. Prior to the arranged meeting the pair had discussed how he would kill her and he told her that: “The idea of making love and then eating you is a very great turn on. I have been called a very generous lover and I would be generous to you before I prepped you on the table.”

When speaking of her death the girl responded that she wanted this to happen. Her name on the site was “Eva” and they eventually arranged to meet at a train station at Ashford International Railway Station.

Bolinger used his debit card to buy an axe from Homebase and then messaged “Eva” saying: “Got the axe you ready to get that train?” However after waiting for her arrival the girl never showed up and Bolinger was forced to return home.

His chat logs were discrovered after an investigation was launched into online discussions about the rape killing and cannibalism of women. When Bolinger’s account was traced he was arrested and police seized his phones and raided his home. They found photos of him with an axe in the mirror and indecent photos of children with labells like the BBQ BBQ2 and the dinner.

Bolinger admitted the images were his however stated that he was not really going to murder and eat the 14 year-old girl. Instead he claims that he only went to the station because he was worried about the girl after their conversations and that if she had arrived he was going to call the police.

However the evidence on his chat logs was conflicting as he was speaking to another user before the event named “Hannah hotwife” saying he was on his way to behead someone and sent her a picture of him with the axe. He had also told her that he had eaten a 34 year-old black woman and a 5 year-old child making comments about sexual arousal and how the meat was more tender on a child – the gratification from his cannibalism fantasies becoming clear.

Bolinger has now been charged with attempting to meet a child under the age of 16 following his sexual grooming. He denies all charges made against him.

Anyone who has fallen victim to potential or actual harm or has a family member who has died as a result should contact us now for advice on a claim.

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