Car Crash in Hathershaw Manchester

A car crash occurred in Hathershaw Greater Manchester involving a woman who narrowly escaped serious injury when a car collided with a tanning salon.

The woman was walking along a pathway when without any warning a car drove on to the pavement and crashed into the window of Tanning Salon 365. A witness claims “there was no sound of screeching of tyres or anything to warn her.”

The incident was captured on CCTV on the 13th August at 8:15 in the evening. It shows the woman’s speedy reaction moving out of the way of the oncoming vehicle saving her from any impact.

The CCTV also shows that a couple with a child had been walking along the street shortly before the accident occurred they stop and talk to the woman for a few moments luckily avoiding any involvement. It seems those few seconds delay in the woman’s journey may have saved her life.

The vehicle involved crashes with a pelican crossing post slowing its course allowing the woman time to move out of the way as the car then proceeds to drive into the exterior of the salon.

The tanning salon on Aston Road was fortunately closed at the time of the collision and this particular lady was lucky enough to walk away from the incident unscathed.

Greater Manchester police confirmed there was an accident shortly after 20:15 on the 13th of August involving a black Mercedes and a blue Audi on Aston Road. Three people in these vehicles suffered minor injuries.

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Article written by Angie kayles who has been an administrator at Michael Lewin Solicitors since March this year.


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