If you have been the blameless victim of a car accident in Bristol in the last three years you could be entitled to make a no win no fee claim utilising the experienced solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds. Our solicitors are renowned for their dedication and commitment to achieving the maximum compensation for clients that they possibly can. Mr G approached Michael Lewin for help and we were delighted to be able to achieve an award on his behalf of over £1600.

Mr G was living in Leeds and was 47 years old when the defendant hit our client’s vehicle causing his vehicle to hit a lamppost.

Our client was awarded £1675 as a result of the injuries and financial losses that he sustained the direct result of this unfortunate road traffic accident.

This accident was slightly more difficult to prove liability on behalf of the defendant as our client had also hit a lamppost. With a little bit of digging we were able to prove that this accident was not in any way our client’s fault and as such we were then able to put the entire claim for financial remuneration to the defendant’s insurance company on behalf of our client.

Would you benefit from compensation after a car accident in Bristol if so then please speak to the caring staff at Michael Lewin our solicitors work tirelessly for each and every client to achieve them the maximum compensation that we possibly can for the personal injuries and financial losses that they sustained.

This accident could have been caused by the defendant’s vehicle not having been checked fully prior to starting this journey.

It is important that clients get into the habit of doing a pre-journey check on their car this is especially important on longer journeys you should check:

? that all lights on the vehicle are in full working order

? windscreen wipers have the correct mix of windscreen wash for the conditions in icy conditions windscreen wash requires more concentrated solution

? check your dashboard battery light signal is on full to ensure that your battery is fully charged

? ensure that your tyre pressures are correct for your vehicle type and that the tread on the tyres are above the legal limit this will ensure that you are able to stop within the appropriate time

Have you been involved in a car accident in Bristol which was not your fault in the last three years if so you could be entitled to make a no win no fee claim using the ministry of justice regulated solicitors at Michael Lewin call our staff today to discuss your claim on: 0844 844 8180.

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