If you feel you could benefit from car accident compensation then you should look no further than the highly skilled solicitors Michael Lewin we have helped hundreds of clients over our years of trading to achieve compensation for clients who been injured in London and the rest of the UK. Our caring staff were delighted to achieve compensation on behalf of Mr T of over £650.

Mr T had been living in Norwich in Norfolk when the defendant reversed into our client’s vehicle causing our client to sustain personal injuries. Our client was awarded £656.95 after this road traffic accident.

No matter how serious or minor a car accident may seem to someone on the outside here at Michael Lewin Solicitors we believe that no matter how minor your injures every injury caused by a thirdparty deserves a compensation award. No matter how your accident came about if you were an innocent victim in the entire incident then you should think about making a personalinjury claim. Even if your accident was just a bump in the car park if you were injured in that bump do not be embarrassed to start making a claim; Michael Lewin Solicitors understand that injuries can be sustained in low speed collisions and that the injuries can be painful for the sufferer. We will never underestimate the level of your suffering and will strive to get you compensation if you are a genuine accident victim.

I have been involved in a car accident and I believe I may be entitled to make a no win no fee compensation claim utilising the highly skilled solicitors at Michael Lewin after my road traffic accident on the roads in London.

You will be entitled to make a no win no fee personal injury claim if you are the innocent victim of a third party drivers mistake on the roads. If your injuries have caused you pain and suffering then you will be eligible to make a compensation claim. Michael Lewin Solicitors can help you make a compensation claim in the timeliest manner possible so that you can reach closure on the incident and move on.

Would you benefit from car accident compensation Michael Lewin’s caring and sensitive solicitors would be delighted to work tirelessly to achieve the maximum compensation on your behalf that they possibly can after your unfortunate collision on the roads in London call us today to discuss any aspect of your claim that you feel is causing you problems on: (0844) 844 8180.

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