Many people involved in a car accident make false injury claims. If you try to do this or if you deliberately put yourself in a position where an accident will occur you may find yourself being prosecuted for making a fraudulent claim.

Numerous claimants have been found making false injury claims following what is seemingly a minor car accident. Compensation is awarded to people who are genuinely suffering emotionally physically and financially following a car accident. Making a false claim is fraudulent and can result in prosecution if you are found to be making a false claim.

Many different injuries can be sustained in a car accident and a lot of them are not visible to the naked eye; this means it is easy for victims of minor car accidents to fake much more serious injuries for financial gain. This is not fair on the genuine victims of car accident who have suffered severe injuries and prolonged pain from the accidents in which they were involved.

If you have been involved in a car accident you are entitled to legal advice about your injuries; if you try to claim for a false injury the claims regulator may find out. To avoid being prosecuted for fraud you should never attempt to make a claim for compensation for an injury you have not sustained.

Ms Y was awarded personal injury compensation at the age of 5 after she was injured in a car accident through no fault of her own. Ms Y was the passenger in a car that was hit from behind by another vehicle when it failed to stop in order to avoid a collision.

There are a number of reasons that road traffic accident s do occur on the UK roads. The most common causes of road traffic accidents excluding environmental factors and natural causes where a third party is responsible for the incident occurring are:

? Drivers speeding on minor and major roads. Surprisingly though speeding only accounts for 5% of the fatalities on UK roads every year.

? Drivers not paying attention to the road ahead and failing to react in time when the car in front has slowed down or stopped.

? The reaction times of drivers meaning they do not brake in time to avoid a collision particularly if they are following the vehicle in front too closely.

For advice about claiming after a car accident or for help if you are having false injury claims made against you by a third party call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180.

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