The amount of compensation you are awarded for your car accident injury will depend on numerous factors. Each and every car accident is different which means the injuries sustained in the accident will be different. Everyone deals with injuries differently and this is just one of the factors that has to be considered when analysing your award amount.

The amount of compensation you will receive if you make a personal injury claim depends on the nature and severity of the injury you have sustained whether you have sustained more than one injury the area of the body affected and the effect your injury has on your day-to-day life if your injury is a permanent one.

Your dedicated personal injury solicitor will be able to help you claim additional compensation for any losses you have incurred as a result of the accident that was caused by a third party driver. If you have had to pay a large amount in prescription fees or travel expenses to get to your appointments this can be claimed back under the special expenses element of your award alongside the compensation you are awarded for your physical injury. You can also make a claim to gain recompense if you have suffered from a loss of earning due to being too injured to continue working following your accident. You can claim back your loss of earnings for the weeks you were unable to perform your job role due to your injuries.

Following a car accident if you have sustained an injury you need to seek legal advice immediately in order to ensure you do not miss out on the compensation you are entitled to.

After enquiring about making a claim for his personal injuries Mr R decided to instruct Michael Lewin Solicitors to act on his behalf in claiming compensation against the third party responsible for his accident. Mr R had been travelling as the passenger in someone else’s vehicle at the time of the road traffic accident.

A third party vehicle crashed into the back of the car that Mr R was travelling in causing the car to be thrown forwards suddenly before being thrown back in the sharp deceleration afterwards. Many serious injuries are sustained in rear end collisions every year; the blame for the accident is always with the driver at the rear of the incident. Mr R’s case was successful and he was awarded a total of £1635.00 in personal injury compensation.

To start your compensation claim for a car accident injury call Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury team on: 0844 844 8180.

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