Have you been involved in a car accident which has caused you personal injury in Bristol or elsewhere in the UK if this is the case then you could benefit from advice from top lawyers at Michael Lewin in Leeds. Our skilled and dedicated staff would be delighted to work tirelessly on your behalf to get even maximum compensation that we can possibly achieve. Mr B from Pontefract was awarded over £1900 in compensation.

Our client was 42 years old when the driver of the vehicle in which our client was passenger lost control of the vehicle causing our client to sustain personal injuries.

Our client was awarded £1930 after this road traffic accident. Our first task is to ascertain who is liable for the personal injuries and financial losses you have sustained during the road traffic collision.

In some cases such as this one it is very easy for our solicitors to prove liability on behalf of the defendant. In some situations we need to take the claim to court to get judge’s decision on the liability issue.

In cases where it takes us longer to ascertain liability then we can apply for interim payments to be made to alleviate the financial suffering that our client may be undergoing.

I have been involved in a car accident which has caused me personal injury after a road traffic accident in Bristol; can the experienced staff at Michael Lewin give me help on a no win no fee basis?

Our solicitors are very well aware that even minor accidents can have serious consequences for clients psychologically and emotionally and we do all we can to allow you to pursue your claim for compensation in a stress ? free a manner as we can. We do as much of the paperwork as we possibly can but we do ask clients to keep their own paperwork such as receipts and wage slips and insurance documentation to be able to prove their financial expenditure.

If we can prove that you have had to pay out money as a result of the accident then we can get this included in our financial compensation this is much quicker if you have kept all receipts wage slips and in the case of insurance excesses insurance documentation.

If you could benefit from compensation after you’ve been involved in a car accident which has caused you injury on the roads in Bristol then look no further than the top-class solicitors at Michael Lewin we have a long heritage of being able to help clients to get compensation; so call us to discuss your claim on: 0844 844 8180.

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