After making his car accident injury claim in Birmingham with the help of his personal injury lawyer from Michael Lewin Solicitors Mr B was awarded a total of £2082.00 in personal injury compensation for his injuries.

The level of compensation that Mr B was awarded was appropriate for the injuries he sustained. If you choose Michael Lewin s personal injury team to make you claim you can rest assured that we will get the maximum amount of compensation available for the injuries in the timeliest manner possible. We can assess your case over the phone and get started right away. We will not be able to tell you in your initial consultation the exact amount of compensation you will receive although we can give you a rough idea based on past cases. The exact amount of compensation you will be awarded has to be negotiated between ourselves and the insurance company of the responsible party.

If you make a claim for any financial losses your award amount will also be higher than if you just claim for your personal injury.

If you want to make a car accident injury claim in Birmingham you should seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer immediately.

The amount you will be awarded depends on the following:

? The type of injury you have sustained. Different injuries are categorised into different area and are all bracketed in different award amounts.

? How many injuries you have sustained; compensation is awarded for each injury so you will be awarded a higher level if you have sustained more than one injury.

? The severity of the injury. The type of injury you sustain could be a broken arm this would fall into one category but the extent of the break has to be assessed. A hairline fracture would not be as severe as multiple breaks requiring surgery for example.

? The amount of time you have to suffer physically because of the injury and the length of time it took you to recover fully.

? How adversely the injury has affected your daily life and the loss of amenity that you have suffered as a direct result of the injury.

? How badly the injury has affected your ability to carry on working. If you can never work again your award will be higher than if you only had a month off work.

? Whether a pre-existing medical condition has been made worse because of the accident.

To start your car accident injury claim in Birmingham call the personal injury consultants at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 844 8180.

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