If you have been the innocent victim of a car accident which has caused you personal injury then come to our personal injury claim specialists at Michael Lewin in the UK. Our dedicated and caring staff are committed to achieving the maximum compensation that we can for every client that we take on. We were very pleased to be of help to our client Mr A to get him an award of over £1200 in compensation.

Our client Mr A from Birmingham was 30 years old when he was involved in a road traffic accident. Our client was caused a personal injury by the defendant who failed to stop his car in time and ran into the back of our client’s car.

Michael Lewin see many clients who have sustained this type of accident and we always think it is very upsetting for client’s to have been injured due to the defendant having lost concentration or not having left enough space between themselves and the innocent victim.

In our experience if defendants left sufficient room to allow them to stop in time then many of these accidents to our clients would not occur. There are times where road conditions and the poor condition of the defendant’s car can also be to blame for the stopping distances having increased beyond the usual amount required however defendants should always take road conditions and the condition of their car into consideration when allowing space between themselves and the vehicle in front.

Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to get Mr A awarded £1245 for the injuries he sustained. Compensation is awarded on a sliding scale dependent upon the injuries that were sustained as a direct result of the road traffic accident that you have been involved in. Compensation will also be awarded for any wages you have missed due to needing days off sick from work or for needing time off work to attend doctors? appointments or hospital appointments.

We can also get travel expenses hire car costs medication and prescription costs included in the financial compensation package that were able to achieve on your behalf. If you accident was more serious and you need modifications to your home or car then these can also be added to your compensation package. Our caring solicitors have had many years of experience in helping clients so we will be able to talk through all aspects of your case completely as we take your case further.

Michael Lewin have vast experience in making successful car accident injury claims here in the UK if you would like us to help you as we have helped hundreds of other clients then please call us today on: 0844 844 8180.

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