If you are seeking car accident injury claims advice you should speak to the nationally recognised Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds.

If you have been involved and injured in a road traffic accident you may be entitled to claim compensation of you were not at fault.

Road traffic accidents are a common cause of personal injury and one of the most frequent injuries suffered from them is whiplash usually occurring when your vehicle or the car in which you were a passenger is hit from behind. The sudden movement causes a jolt which may damage the neck muscles and ligaments. Whiplash can range in severity but can result from even slow-speed collisions. You may not even realise the damage has been sustained until hours or even days after the incident when the symptoms start to become apparent. These can include:

? Aches and pains in the neck shoulders lower back and arms.

? Stiffness in the neck causing difficulty in moving it.

? Headaches.

? Dizziness and/or blurred vision.

Have you suffered from any of the above after being involved in a road traffic accident? Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation if you were not to blame. In some instances liability can be fairly easy to prove. Miss Black had been stationary at traffic lights when her car was hit from behind. With the help of our team she was awarded £1010 in compensation.

Incidents involving an intoxicated driver are usually fairly straightforward to prove liability but it is important that the accident is reported to the police.

Michael Lewin Solicitors can provide you with expert car accident injury claims advice for incidents in Leeds and throughout England and Wales.

It’s vital that you collect information at the scene of the accident that might later help with you claim. It is required by law that all drivers stop at an accident and swap insurance details. You should also make a note of:

? The details of any other person(s) involved (i.e. name and contact information)

? The registration number as well as make and model of all other vehicles involved

? Details of any witnesses to the accident (if applicable)

? Details for any emergency services personal that attended the scene

It’s useful to keep a pen and notepad in the car at all times to make it easy to gather this information and also make any notes of weather conditions or events that led up to the accident. You could carry a disposable camera in your vehicle too taking a few shots of the scene and damage caused at the time.

Please provide as much information as possible when making your car accident injury claims and seeking advice with your call to Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on: 0844 844 8180.

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