If you have sustained a car accident injury and you need expert claims advice there is no better place to come than Michael Lewin Solicitors for help and support with your case in Manchester. We have settled an astounding number of personal injury claims in the last ten years and we have successfully awarded millions of pounds in compensation to our clients.

A claim has just been settled successfully by Michael Lewin Solicitors on behalf of Miss m for the injuries she sustained in a collision through no fault of her own. Miss M was proceeding correctly and lawfully along a road when a third party vehicle pulled out from a side street and crashed into her car. The third party defendant should have waited until the road was clear and there were no vehicles proceeding on the road before pulling out. Unfortunately the third arty river failed to give way and caused a serious collision. The personal injury experts from Michael Lewin Solicitors who deal with numerous road traffic accident injury claims every year were able to settle Miss M’s case quickly and award her with £2420.00 for her injuries.

We were able to settle Miss M’s case in our usual timely manner; we always aim to ensure a case is settled as quickly as possible whilst aiming to secure the maximum level of compensation available for the nature of the injuries sustained.

Following a car accident if you have sustained an injury you should seek legal claims advice from a trusted firm of solicitors in Manchester. Michael Lewin’s track record for helping innocent road traffic accident victims is impressive and we strive to settle every genuine and qualifying new case that comes to us.

Will I have to pay anything to start my claim?

No. The cost of your solicitors fees is covered no matter what the outcome is. You do not have to pay any fees to start your case either. The third party that caused your injuries is responsible for paying our fees if an award is offered. If no award is offered and your case is not resolved then you will not have to pay our fees because you will be protected by the no win no fee agreement we offer.

For car accident injury claims advice about your personal injury case following a collision in Manchester or to see if you are eligible to make a personal injury claim call the highly qualified legal experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0844 844 8180.

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