If you have been involved in a car accident which has caused you a personal injury; then come to Michael Lewin’s experienced team of solicitors for claims advice in the UK. We give our initial claims advice over the phone for free. Our dedicated team were very pleased to get an award of over £2500 for Mr K.

Mr K came to Michael Lewin as he felt he was financially worse off after he had been the innocent victim of a road traffic accident. Our client was living in Manchester and he was 34 years of age at the time of the accident occurring. The defendant had collided with the rear of our client’s car causing our client to sustain personal injuries. This terrible accident happened on Christmas Eve; we have had many clients tell us that accidents which occur over the Christmas period can feel like a double blow as clients are generally able to rest and recuperate over the Christmas period. Our client was awarded £2525 in compensation.

When this usually well needed recuperation period is interrupted then clients go back to work after the Christmas period feeling very tired and in need of rest. Clients also complain that they have been unable to help loved ones in the busy rush prior to Christmas. Clients can feel that they have let loved ones down and other family members when they feel too ill to help after terrible road traffic accident over this busy period.

I have been involved in an all for car accident which was closed me a personal injury and I would like the top solicitors at Michael Lewin to give me their expert claims advice for free over the phone in the UK.

All of our solicitors at Michael Lewin highly experienced and ministry of justice registered and they will do all they can to allow a strong case to go forward for financial remuneration on your behalf. To allow this to happen it is advisable for clients to have as much information to hand as possible some of which would be:

? photographs of the scene of the road traffic accident

? insurance details of everyone present at the scene

? insurance details for car registration details of any witnesses present

? a written record capturing the events as clearly as possible prior to the accident occurring

? weather conditions road conditions tire conditions with photographs where possible

if at the time of the accident you were suffering from shock or were unable to achieve any of the above things then do not worry as Michael Lewin will be able to put together a strong case as we can to get you compensation.

Michael Lewin’s car accident injury claims specialists will be able to give you advice for free in the UK if you call on: 0844 844 8180.

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