If you have been involved in a car accident and need professional advice for your injury claims let the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds help you.

There are a huge number of factors that can contribute to a car accident occurring but as road users we all have a duty to drive safely and with care to minimise the risk of an accident.

Some of the most common situations that lead to road traffic accidents include:

? Bad weather conditions ? a slippery road surface due to snow or ice or a sudden downpour of rain can reduce visibility considerably.

? Failure of car parts ? such as tyre blow-outs brake failure or the engine suddenly cutting out.

? Hazards in the road ? e.g. pot holes or missing or incorrect road signs

? Reckless drivers ? following the vehicle ahead too closely driving too fast for the conditions or above speed limits failing to stop at red lights passing other cars when road markings show it is an inappropriate place to do so.

? Driver negligence ? not paying attention due to using a mobile phone or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Many of these circumstances are avoidable but sadly can lead to significant injures or even the loss of life in road traffic accidents. It’s necessary that you take the time to look around you before making manoeuvres on the road don?t drive too fast for the conditions at the time and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and had no contribution to the cause you may be entitled to compensation for injuries you suffered.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have a highly qualified team experienced in all types of car accident injury claims in Leeds.

Any road user that was not at fault can claim for an injury they sustained in a road traffic accident including cyclists pedestrians and even passengers of the vehicle that was deemed at fault.

Miss R was just 19 and travelling as a passenger in a car when she was injured. The driver of the car she was riding in changed lanes and collided with another vehicle. Our dedicated team at Michael Lewin were there to guide Miss R through the claims process advising her when making important decisions and Miss R was able to claim compensation of £1000. At Michael Lewin our highly skilled solicitors have a huge amount of experience in dealing with all manner of road traffic accident injury claims and we may be able to help you.

If you have suffered in a car accident from which you sustained injury call the experts in these types of claims at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds on: 0844 844 8180.

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