£1980.00 in car accident injury compensation was awarded to Mr L from Birmingham after he chose to use Michael Lewin Solicitors no win no fee personal injury services.

The most common type of claim that is made in the UK is the personal injury claim. You cannot get legal aid for making a personal injury claim and paying a solicitor privately is a costly excursive and is not worth it in the end. This is why so many people chose to enter into a conditional fee agreement. The conditional fee agreement or no win no fee agreement means that you do not have to pay your solicitors fees if your case is not settled successfully. When your case is settled your solicitors fees are claimed back from the other side the third party responsible for your injuries and you get to keep your compensation award.

Under the no win no fee agreement you are liable for paying the other parties costs should your case be unsuccessful; do not worry about this part of the agreement as your solicitor can help you arrange a policy to cover you in case this should happen. You can claim for an accident at work an accident in a public place an accident on the road or for medical negligence under the conditional fee agreement. The no win no fee agreement is a risk free way of making a personal injury claim.

If you think you are entitled to claim car accident injury compensation after a road traffic accident in Birmingham you should not delay in starting your claim.

If you have been injured in a car accident you should speak to a solicitor about making a personal injury claim as soon as you can; you only have three years from the date your injury is discovered to start proceedings for compensation. If you do decide to start litigation proceeding against the person responsible for your injuries you should choose and experienced and qualified solicitor like those on Michael Lewin Solicitors personal injury team to settle your case as they have already settled thousands of claims and will be able to settle your case as quickly as possible whilst still securing you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Experienced solicitors will also be able to present your case in the most favourable manner and get the best result for you.

To pursue your case for car accident injury compensation in Birmingham call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 844 8180and we can start your case today.

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