Michael Lewin’s car accident insurance claims specialists in Birmingham could help you claim compensation if you have been the non-fault victim in a road traffic accident.

Miss D was the innocent victim in a road traffic collision and she sustained some very painful injuries in the incident. Miss D’s injuries were sustained whilst she was travelling as the passenger in someone else’s vehicle. It was the car the Miss D was travelling in that caused the accident but miss D was still entitled to make a claim as she was not responsible for the occurrence of the collision. As the injured passenger in a road traffic collision you are generally awarded compensation whether the accident was caused by the car you were travelling in or by a third party vehicle.

Do not worry about making a claim against the driver of the vehicle you were in even if they were a friend or relative; the money you are paid in compensation does not come directly from their own pocket. Every driver on the road has to hold a valid insurance policy which is designed to cover them for third party injuries in the event of an accident. If you have suffered physically and financially because of the fault of a third party then you deserve to claim the compensation you are entitled to. Miss D was awarded a total of £2168.00 to compensate her for the suffering she had to endure following the accident.

You should speak to a specialist car accident insurance claims lawyer in Birmingham if a car accident has left you injured and unable to work.

If you are the passenger in a vehicle there is nothing you can do to avoid and accident whether another car is heading for you or the car you are in is heading for a tree. As the driver of a vehicle that is carrying passengers you should be thinking about the safety of your passengers when driving. Every driver should drive on the roads with the safety of themselves and everyone else on the roads in mind. Careless and reckless driving accounts for a vast number of the accidents that take place on Britain’s roads each year; all of which could have been avoided if the driver showed more care and respect for themselves and others using the road. Driving recklessly increases the chances of you causing an accident significantly.

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